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October 2022 - Highways Service operational and planning/technical

This programme was delivered in the Allerdale and Barrow areas and included - depot and office tours, team building activities, skills sessions, and meeting the teams (ex-apprentices, highways operatives, civil engineering technicians, team leaders, engineers, managers).

Participant's feedback:

'Thanks a lot for the work experience this was really useful for my future and has helped me decide on what to do next year. The certificate will come in really handy.'

'I most enjoyed the visit to the depot because you got to see all the machinery'

'Having people with different roles come in and talk about what a day-to-day life in their job was really useful'

'I would just like to thank you for the work experience opportunity last week I found it quite informative and enjoyed the experience.'

'I liked the paper challenge as it was teamwork, quick thinking, design and planning'

'I enjoyed seeing the different career options you can explore in apprenticeships with all the different levels'

Past events - Highways

February 2022 - Health and Social Care (Adults)

This was a two-day online programme due to the Covid restrictions at that time. The participants met a wide range of team members and professionals (front line, Managers, social workers), related team building activities, and had related subject sessions delivered by our training team.

Participant feedback:

'thank you so much for the opportunity its encouraged me to definitely do health and social care work'

'Thanks everyone for a wonderful session, it was a great experience for me to come into the healthcare sector.'

'it was interesting to hear the social care aspect of working in care and see all the skills that can be developed and how career paths link'

'my confidence and some skills like teamwork has been improved by the different activities we did and joining in'

'I would definitely want to become a social worker'.